Will the Companies that Profit from Nursing Home Abuse Ever be Held Accountable?

 taste-disorder-finalCompanies that are engage in the services of homes for the elderly and benefiting thanks to nursing homes, often are not subject to the responsibilities related to them rather than leave them to fend for themselves. These corporations often have more facilities dealing with the protection of elderly person in several countries. That is why they fall under the organizational structure in order to manage them more easily. Like other corporations, and this has a board of directors and staff of managers required for each sector represents. The intent of each corporation and its board of directors are to enhance the interests of its shareholders, in order to provide them with higher profit margins. Nursing homes pay taxes and ensure the provision of service that is licensed. Also, there are not profitable organizations that own these homes, in some cases these are state. These homes do not have shareholders and they are paid only from taxes or through their earnings.
Every good and organized nursing home must have a chain of command that must be respected. Therefore, all nursing home facilities to perform their functions under the leadership of the directorate consisting of medical experts. Although, patients have the option to retain their chosen doctor, if they are admitted to any nursing home their condition will be monitored in a
ddition to personal doctor and with a medical doctor who is in charge of the patient at nursing home. The entire administrative part of the work is performed by a person responsible for overseeing all managerial components. These components are required so could every day work be perform in the best possible way.
In the organizational structure the important role play and those who care for patients. Patient care is left to staff who supervise work of nurses. The director of nurses is not directly involved in patient care but in the care of nurses who work in a nursing home. He cares who and when will be employed as well as for skills of his employees. State nursing homes are very transparent with regard to their structure work, because all the staff is employed in these facilities and that makes its structure is passing through the state unemployment agency. While on the other hand, profitable and private nursing homes that have a corporate organization and structure are often targeted by lawsuits and government because each sector specifically declines any
responsibility and accountability.
So we come to the conclusion that none of the nursing home has no official assets than it collects overwhether through its patients or organizations which submits. So whatever organization or company owns land plots where the nursing home is that it is considered to be the true owner of the nursing home. For more information on the topic, we recommend you go check out .However, the real owner of the land does not provide patient car
e services but simply landowner. Because of these statement owners of the nursing home are avoid having the responsibility to incompetence which performs of the patient care that is happening in the nursing home on they land.