How to Get a Car Accident Report in Tampa

accidentinfoQuick Intro; If you get into a car accident, which resulted in damages to your car or injuries to you and other passengers that were travelling with you, then you have the right to receive a copy of the report from the law enforcement agency. The report contains information regarding the accident, such as the condition of the car, type and degree of damages, injuries you sustained, names of the witnesses, and the like. In case the accident is taken to court, this report will be vital for your case, and a must-have. You, your attorney, and your insurance agent should read and own a copy of the report.

The following article has been written by lawyers at The reports on traffic accidents are available to individuals that were involved in the crash. Time span is within sixty days from the accident. The process for obtaining a report is
different. It depends on which branch of law enforcement responded to the crash.

You should talk to the law enforcement agency that was on the scene of the accident. If you don’t remember the department, here is how you can find out. If the accident occurred within town, you should contact municipal police department. If the accident happened outside the town, then contact State Highway Patrol or the Sheriff’s Department.

You might be obliged to fill in a Record Request Form, which some departments have online, and these might be submitted by email or in person. Also, you might be charged, and the price varies. The report will be delivered to you either by e-mail or mail, it is up to you.

DMV offices (Department of Motor Vehicle) also provide crash reports, after they have received them from the police.

In case of Tampa Police Department responding to the accident scene, a service is available that gives you the ability to search reports from Tampa traffic accidents that are older than sixty days, from the date that was on the filed report. For example, if a report was filed prior to December 16, 2014, it should be accessed through the DHSMV (Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles) by calling 850-617-3416. If there were other reports that where filed within the time span of 60 days, they must be retrieved in person at 411 N. Franklin Street, Tampa. You will have to pay if you are asking for more than one report. The cost for a single- sided page is 0.15$, and for double-sided page is 0.20$.

branding_personal_injuryIn an instant, a serious traffic truck accident might affect the life of the victim or victims, and the lives of their families. As soon as possible, right after the accident occurred, you should speak with anĀ John Bales Attorneys about the injuries you or other individuals that were travelling with you sustained from the crash. You have to follow certain steps and in order to protect your rights, as well as others that were injured in the collision. You should take preventative measures to secure important information. This is to prevent profit motivated insurance companies from taking advantage of an unfortunate situation.