Cyclist Fatality Reported After Crash On I-26

On September 20, a 33-year-old male cyclist went out for his morning ride and never returned.  Tragedy struck when he was fatally injured in a car accident while riding on I-26 early Tuesday morning.   At first authorities could not identify the victim at the scene but have now learned his name.

Investigators say that Henry Chestnut of North Charleston passed away at the scene from his injuries.  The accident occurred around 4 am.  South Carolina Highway patrol is still investigating the accident.

Chestnut was riding his bicycle on I-26 going eastbound when he was struck by a vehicle near Montague Avenue.  The car was traveling the same direction as the cyclist.  Unfortunately, the victim was not wearing a helmet at the time of the collision, making his injuries more severe.

The right eastbound lane was closed until close to seven to give troopers and first responders time to deal with the situation.

These accidents are so tragic and can often be prevented with the proper safety measures in place for both the car and the cyclists.  When biking during early morning hours it is imperative that you wear reflective clothing and have reflectors on your bike.  When its dark motorist may have a hard time seeing you, putting you at a higher risk for being hit and injured.   Also cyclist and motorist alike should always obey traffic laws and be predictable, keeping turns legal.  Remember bikes are considered vehicles and are held to the same traffic laws as drivers.

Staying alert is essential when biking and driving on a busy highway, watching for other cars sudden movements could save your life or prevent a serious injury.  As a cyclist always go with traffic and maintain safe distances from other vehicles.

Wearing a helmet is a simple safety rule, but could be the most important to prevent damaging head trauma.

It is not noted by officials that any traffic violations were given to the car that hit Chestnut, and this situation is tragic all the way around.

When someone loses their life unexpectedly it is a tragic and senseless event. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the victim.  These horrible situations are why I went into personal injury law, to help families get justice for a wrongful death, said Joe Sanderfur, managing partner of a top personal injury firm in South Carolina at

South Carolina was had the fourth highest cyclist fatalities statistic in the nation in 2010.   The state has also reported a substantial increase in people using bikes as a mode of transportation, making more accidents likely.  With 13 percent of all motor accidents involving a cyclist or a pedestrian people can’t afford to ignore safety rules while biking.

Henry Chestnut is a cautionary tale to any people biking on a consistent basis, especially in heavy traffic areas.  Public record states that they expect these statistics to grow as more people choose walking or biking instead of traditional transportation.

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